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Find out more about the new Turbo durations that are being trialed now!

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What is this trial about?
Starting 14 Aug 2023, two new Turbo durations will be trialed for a limited time only.

You will be able to Turbo your listings for 3 or 14 days, and these new durations will be available via Prime Credits.

What is the reason for the trial?

As you receive both Ad Credits and Prime Credits as part of your package entitlements - PropertyGuru is exploring giving you the option of using these credits flexibly.

Is Turbo switching over to Prime Credits?
No, the 7 day duration for Turbo remains an Ad Credits product, however, during this experiment, we are trialing allowing the use of Prime Credits for new Turbo durations.

What is the difference between using Ad Credits vs Prime Credits for Turbo?

Your Turbo listing remains unaffected - the only difference is the duration of your Turbo listing, and the Credits type.

How long will this trial last?

This trial will last until the week of 11 September 2023, but is subject to change.

Does this affect my existing Turbo listings?

No, rest assured that all Turbo listings will continue as usual.

Is this available on Web and App?

The 3 and 14 day Turbo options are only available via PropertyGuru Web as of now. This only affects where you can start your Turbo listing.

Your Turbo listings will still continue to be shown to all property seekers on web and app normally.

Can I set up Auto-Turbo for 3 and 14 days?

Yes, Auto-Turbo is available via Prime Credits for these durations.

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