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Changes to your Promoted Listing report (Effective 10 May 2023)
Changes to your Promoted Listing report (Effective 10 May 2023)

Enhanced Accuracy for Clicks and Leads.

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Here at PropertyGuru, we’re always working to improve your experience.
As part of these efforts, we’ve enhanced the accuracy of clicks and leads shown on your Promoted Listing reports.

What does this mean?

Before the update, the number of Listing Views and Leads shown on your Promoted Listing reports might have included views and leads from other sources – such as Turbo, or Featured Agent.

With the enhanced accuracy, your report will now only show Listing Views and leads that you receive as a direct result of your Promoted Listing.

Starting 10 May 2023, you may see lower numbers than before, but rest assured that your listing is still receiving views and leads from Promoted Listing as well as other sources - such as Turbo.

How does this improve my experience?

With enhanced accuracy, you will be better able to judge how your Promoted Listing is performing – so you can make informed decisions regarding your listing.

When does this take effect?

Starting 10 May 2023, your Promoted Listing report will display only Listing Views and Leads that come directly from your Promoted Listing.

Where can I see clicks and leads from other sources?

You’ll still be able to view your total Listing Views and Leads under your listing performance.

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