What is AdvancePlus?

AdvancePlus is a package where Ad Credits will be issued on monthly basis instead of at-a-go. Package contract will be valid for 12 months.

Ad Credits issued are refreshed every month and any unused credits will not be carried forward to the following month.

*Ad Credits issued are refreshed monthly; unutilised Ad Credits will not be carried forward to following month

Note that Powerups and Value-add entitlements are the same for Advance and AdvancePlus

How are Ad Credits deducted?

Ad Credits are deducted based on its earliest expiry date.

Scenario A: Agent has purchased ala carte 100 Ad Credits expiring on 15 Dec 2022, AdvancePlus Ad Credits is issued on 1 Dec 2022 (expiring on 31 Dec 2022).

  1. System will be deducting from the 100 ala carte Ad Credits first as its expiry date is earlier than the monthly Ad Credits from AdvancePlus

  2. After 100 ala carte Ad Credits is fully utilized, system will then deduct the monthly Ad Credits from AdvancePlus

How are Ad credits issued?

AdvancePlus Ad Credits are refreshed monthly following calendar month logic. Refer to below illustration for better understanding.

Scenario B: Agent has started AdvancePlus on 22 Dec 2022, agent Ad Credits will be refreshed on every 21st of the next calendar month. Do note that balance Ad Credits will not be carried forward to the next calendar month.

When will AdvancePlus be available?

AdvancePlus will be available from 2 Dec 2022 onwards.

Who can sign up?

Agents who do not hold an active account with PropertyGuru.

Standard package account holders who wish to upgrade.

Agents in their renewal window.

How to sign up?

Agents who are in their renewal window can renew to AdvancePlus with their respective renewal sales consultant.

Agents may also contact their Account Manager to find out more.

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