Unsure of some of the terms used you've come across for Promoted Listings? Here’s an explanation:

1. What does “Priority” mean?

Priority determines how likely your campaign will be successful, as well as how high your Promoted Listing is shown in the search results – the higher your priority, the more likely that your Promoted Listing appears near the top of the page, above other Promoted Listings running in the same category.

This therefore could help to increase the views and speed of transactions. Priority will also determine how much you pay per 1,000 appearances in search.

2. What does setting a “daily budget” do?

As Promoted Listings is a pay-as-you-go tool, the number of Prime Credits that is required is quoted per 1,000 appearances in search.

The daily budget helps you control your costs – as it lets you set the maximum number of Prime Credits that you wish to spend per day. This affects the number of appearances that your listing receives per day.

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