Please check the current COVID-19 measures related to household visits on Ministry of Health website, before setting up your Open House time slot.

What is Open House?

With this feature, the property seekers will be informed of your availability for viewing appointments before sending you an enquiry. This information is displayed under “Visit this Property” on the listing details page and is applicable to residential listings only.

Is this feature available for Commercial Listings?

No, it is applicable to residential listings currently.

How can I set up the Open House time slot?

You can do so via AgentNet, through these steps:

  1. Visit AgentNet > Listings, and go to the listing that you wish to set up the Open House time slot and click on "Add Slot"

  2. Choose your preferred date (up to 15 days from today) and time, then click on "Add Time Slot"

  3. Upon completion, the selected date and time will be shown here

How many days in advance can I schedule the Open House session?

Up to 15 days from today.

How many time slots can I set for each residential listing?

Only one time slot is displayed each time for each listing. You may create another time slot once the current time slot is over.

In this round of rollout, only one time slot is displayed each time for each listing. You may create another time slot once the current time slot is over.

How would I be notified?

You will be notified via WhatsApp, should the property seeker be interested to view the property at your stated time slot. Property seeker has the option of confirming the viewing appointment through the phone as well.

Is it mandatory to indicate an Open House time slot during listing creation?

It is not mandatory.

Can I edit the Open House time slot after it has been set-up?

You may edit the time slot via the listing management page. However, do inform your clients should there be changes to the viewing appointment.

Why am I seeing this Open House feature for some and not all my listings?

This feature is implemented for residential listings only.

My partner gets the Open House feature on his listing management page, but I’m not seeing it. Why is this so?

At this stage, this feature is available for a group of agents that are randomly picked by the system. Therefore, you may not have access to this feature on your listing management page yet. Plans to implement this across all agents will be shared later.

Kindly stay tuned to our announcements via AgentNet.

Is this feature available on AgentNet mobile app?

This feature is not available on AgentNet mobile app currently.

How can I share my feedback for this feature?

You may share your feedback with our Customer Care team at +65 6238 5971 (Mon - Fri | 9am - 6pm) or email Alternatively, you could contact your Account Manager too.

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