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What is Ad Credits Indicator?

It tells you if the number of Ad Credits required for this action is in the low band or high band, so you could take appropriate actions to market your listing. The bands are defined as:

  • Low Band – Two or more credits lesser than the median

  • High Band – Two or more credits more than the median

Does it mean there is no demand If the property is in Low Band?

Optimus algorithm considers the supply of listings and listing marketing activities for the property type, location and project. With these, it determines the number of Ad Credits required to repost, Boost and Spotlight your residential listings.

When the credits required to market your residential listing is in the low band, it does not imply that there is lower consumer demand for that property type, location or project. On the contrary, you may want to leverage on the low band price to capture your share of demand.

How often does this refresh?

This indicator refreshes when the number of Ad Credits required for an action moves into the low band or high band.

My partner gets this new feature in his listing management page, but I’m not seeing it. Why is this so?

As a start, this feature is implemented for a group of agents that are randomly picked by the system. This explains why you are not seeing this feature in your listing management page yet. Plans to implement this across all agents will be shared later. Kindly stay tuned to our announcements via AgentNet.

Is this feature available on AgentNet mobile app?

This feature is not available on AgentNet mobile app currently.

How can I share my feedback for this feature?

You may share your feedback with our Customer Care team at +65 6238 5971 (Mon - Fri | 9am - 6pm) or email Alternatively, you could contact your Account Manager too.

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