Let us make your special day more delightful and memorable with a Birthday Treat just for you!

General FAQs

Why am I given a Birthday Treat from PropertyGuru?

As our way to thank you for your invaluable support with PropertyGuru, we wanted to celebrate you with a birthday treat on your special day.

Who is eligible for this Birthday Treat?

Prestige Agent Partners under Solitaire, Titanium and Platinum are eligible for a Birthday Treat, as well as Elite Agent Partners under Gold and Silver tiers.Prestige Tiers

Prestige Tiers - Solitaire, Titanium and Platinum

What gifts are available for me to select?

There are various gifts specially curated just for you according to your Rewards Tier. For more information on these specially curated gifts, visit Birthday Treats.

How do I redeem my Birthday Treat?

At the start of your birthday month, you will receive an invitation via email to choose your preferred gift based on your rewards tier.

For more information on what gifts you’ll get to enjoy as well as the redemption process, click on the following links:

Would these Birthday Treats have an expiry? When can I collect them latest?

These birthday treats will only be available for selection on your birthday month. Selection of gift needs to be completed by the last day of the calendar month. For example, if your birthday is on 18 May, you would need to complete your selection by 31 May.

For Grandiose Escapade, Haute Cuisine, and Luxe Pampering Treat, kindly complete your experience based on the stated date on your voucher.

What if the gift I have chosen is not available on my Birthday month? Can I wait till the following month to claim my gift?

We would encourage you to choose an alternative gift if your preferred gift is not available. As all items and designs are subject to availability at the retailer, we are unable to promise that your preferred gift will be in stock the following month.

Elite Tiers - Gold and Silver

How do I redeem my Birthday Treat?

At the start of your birthday month, you will receive an email with your GrabFood voucher code(s), which you can use to buy your favourite cuisine.

Details of how you can redeem your GrabFood voucher(s) can be found here.

The voucher validity is stated as 6 months from date of issuance, based from my birthday month. What does this mean?

This means that you are able to utilise your GrabFood voucher 6 months from your birthday month. For example, your birthday is on 5 April and the GrabFood voucher was issued on 1 April 2021. This means your voucher is valid from 1 April 2021- 30 Sep 2021.

Can I share my GrabFood vouchers to family and friends?
Yes, you are free to share them with your family or friends. Kindly note that each voucher code is valid for a single redemption only.

I’ve received my birthday treat in the wrong month. How can I get my birth date updated?

Kindly contact your Account Manager or call 6238 5971 to have your birth date updated.

However, should you have received the birthday treat in the wrong month, you would not be receiving the birthday treat again in the correct birth month. Each agent receives only one birthday treat in each calendar year.

For example: Your birth date is recorded incorrectly as 12 May in our system. Then you’ve called us on 10 May 2021 to have it updated to the correct date 8 Aug. As the birthday treat vouchers have already been issued on 1 May 2021, you will not receive the vouchers again in Aug 2021. Next year, you will be receiving the birthday treat in Aug 2022.

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Customer Service at the following:

  • Phone: +65 6238 5971 (Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm, closed on PH)

  • Email: custcare@propertyguru.com.sg

  • Live Chat: Click on the red button on the bottom-right of your AgentNet desktop page

For technical assistance, please message us via WhatsApp us at +65 9298 1629

(Mon - Fri 9am - 9pm, closed on PH) and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

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