How to use Home Report? 
Step-by-step guide for Agent Partners  
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What’s Home Report?

In addition to Market Insider, Project Insights and Explorer we have introduced Home Report which minimises the research effort for story telling by empowering Agent Partners with detailed and actionable insights, so you can convince your clients to make informed decisions about the sale of their property.

With over 25 insights, tools and features readily available, Agent Partners are equipped with all the information you need to make property comparisons e.g. across Stack and Floor within a Project/Street and utilise other key indicators such as PSF Value and Volume Trends when comparing across Project, Town, District or Singapore.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to use Home Report:

1. Login to AgentNet Web and click on Market Insights tab, then Home Report.

2. To begin a search, click ‘Add Property’ and then select either Condo, Landed or HDB. If you wish to search for a particular Project, select from its dropdown menu.

Depending on the chosen Property Type, you might be required to complete additional fields:

  • For Condo, select the Block, Floor and Stack

  • For HDB, select the Street Name, Block, Floor Range, Flat Type and Area Sqft

  • For Landed, select the Street Name, Property Type, Block and Floor (if applicable)

To start a new search, just click on ‘Reset All’ to clear the previous search and re-select the filters.

3. Once you have made your search, you will receive information on the Property Estimated Price and Estimated Gain/Loss.

4. View information on Past Transactions for the project and unit.

5. Subsequently, you will see Nearby Amenities showing you surrounding amenities within the area, such as Groceries, Public Transport, School and Shopping Malls. Map and List view options are available side by side. Set your radius from the dropdown menu to narrow down your area.

6. Get a quick calculation on estimated monthly payment by using the Mortgage Calculator. Insert the estimated Loan Amount, Loan Tenure and Annual Interest Rate. Click ‘Calculate’ to obtain the Monthly Payment, Interest Paid and Total Payment.

7. You’ll get a quick overview of the project, such as the no. of blocks and units, nearly amenities (e.g. MRT and School), no. of listings in the last 12 months, no. of units with estimated gain above 60%, and no. of active listings on PropertyGuru website. You’ll also see the Sale and Rental demand of the project.

8. Under Active Listings Info, get more insights on the selected Project such as its Asking Sale PSF Range and Asking Sale Price Range. Filter by Area Sqft to view the Asking Sale PSF Summaries based on Days on Market (DOM). Results are automatically generated in a table form. You can find information such as:

  • Listing Days of Market (DOM)

  • Total Listing

  • Min PSF

  • Median PSF

  • Max PSF

Note: Days on Market is the number of days a project is listed for sale on PropertyGuru website.

9. For Past Transactions of the project, you can filter by the Last 30 transactions, Annualised Gain, Units on same stack, or Units on same floor.

  • If you filter by the Last 30 transactions, you will see Contract Date, Block, Floor-Stack, Floor Area, Sale Type, PSF and Price.

  • Whereas if you filter by Annualised Gain, you will see Block, Floor Stack, Floor Area, First Sale and PSF, Latest Sale and PSF, and Annualised Gain.

  • If you filter by Units on same stack or floor, you will see Floor, Stack, Floor Area, Latest Contract Date, Latest Sale Price and Latest PSF.

10. Under Rental Trend, it will display a graph showing the Median Monthly Rental for the project, and you can select your period.

11. Lastly, under Comparisons, you can view graphs showing Transaction Volume Trend Comparison. Compare the project with other projects, projects in the Same Town, District or Singapore. Select Contract Period to narrow down the period.

12. You can apply filters to compare the project’s Median PSF against other projects, projects in the Same Town, District or Singapore. Select Contract Period to narrow down the period.

13. Finally, get information on projects similar to your project. You can filter to display information such as List of Similar Projects, Transaction Volume, Median PSF and Annualised PSF Gain.

What are Similar Projects?

PropertyGuru's algorithm has selected these projects that are the most similar to your project, having considered various factors such as project size, proximity to amenities, amongst other factors.

14. If you should want to download your customised Home Report, you can click on ‘Download PDF’ at the top of the page.

We hope this step-by-step guide is useful to help you harness the full potential of Home Report!   


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