Starting 10 December 2020, all Agent Partners will see an update on Ad Credits required to Repost their HDB listings with adjusted rates at up to 40% lower than before.

What are the new HDB Repost rates?

With newly adjusted rates at up to 40% lower than before, Agent Partners can push up the ranking of your HDB listings and gain additional exposure at a lower investment, from as low as 3 Ad Credits. Please see below for the new Ad Credits

Consumption Guide for HDB Repost.

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How long will the new HDB Repost Rates last?

Great news is, the new HDB Repost Rates have no expiry date so you can continue to repost your HDB listings at the adjusted lower rates.

Is the new HDB Repost Rates applicable only for HDB listings?

Yes. The new Ad Credits Consumption Guide for HDB Repost was set up following feedback from agents about the high cost of HDB Reposts, and in anticipation of the increased supply of HDB units in the property market. We did this in the spirit of Partner360, to support and help Agent Partners defray part of your marketing costs.

Are there any reduced rates when I Boost or Spotlight my HDB listings?

No. The new HDB Repost Rates only apply when you repost HDB listings. Other Premium Features will continue to be charged at their prevailing rates.

Where can I find more information on the new Ad Credits Consumption Guide for HDB Repost?

For more details, you can read our special edition of When & Where to Focus Your Listings: December 2020 (HDB Edition), where we bring you HDB-focused data and insights so that you know:

  • Which day of the week and time of the day has the highest HDB listing views

  • Which districts are popular and have market gaps for you to find opportunities in

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