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PropertyGuru Finance Home Loan Referral Programme: Commissions and Rewards
PropertyGuru Finance Home Loan Referral Programme: Commissions and Rewards

Find out more about your commissions and rewards when you refer a client to PropertyGuru Finance.

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How do I calculate my commission?

Let’s say your client takes a home loan of S$1,000,000 and your bank referral commission is 0.15% - you will earn S$1,500 in commissions and rewards (including GST):

  • In Cash: S$1,250 (90% of the commission)

  • In Ad-Credits (rounded up): 333 (Valued at S$250 based on $0.75/credit - 10% of the commission + 8% GST)

I used to give part of my commission to the agency, will I need to share my commission with PropertyGuru Finance?

No, we won’t take a cut of your commission. For every client referral, you’ll get 90% of your commission in the form of cash and the remaining 10% in the form of Ad Credits.

When and how will I receive my commission and rewards?

You will receive your cash commission via bank transfer and your Ad Credits rewards will be issued into your AgentNet account within 5 working days after the bank processes their referral fee, which usually takes between 3 to 6 weeks.

Based on the value of your commission, the corresponding Partner360 Rewards points will be recorded under your AgentNet Account. Find out more about Partner360 Rewards here.

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