What is the entire client referral and home financing process like?

Step 1: Contact Your Account Manager

  • Contact your Account Manager who will refer you to your Mortgage Specialist.

  • Alternatively, join our Home Loan Referral Programme via the ‘Home Loans’ section on your AgentNet dashboard.

Step 2: We Offer Your Client Personalised Advice 

  • Your Mortgage Specialist will reach out to understand your client’s financing needs and share the right home loan package.

Step 3: We Process Your Client’s Home Loan Application

  • We’ll carry out the valuation, negotiation, submit the application, and share updates every step of the way.

Step 4: We Attain the Bank’s Letter of Offer 

  • We’ll coordinate the signatures for the Letter of Offer and other legal documents to seal the deal.

Step 5: You Collect Your Referral Commission and Ad Credits 

  • Once your client has secured their home loan, we’ll let you know that it’s time to collect your rewards.

Will I receive updates about my clients’ Home Finance Application?

Yes, you will receive updates on WhatsApp or a phone call. 

Where do I refer my client to PropertyGuru Finance? 

There are several ways to refer a client:

How much will I earn per referral? 

The amount you will earn per referral is based on various factors. To find out more, refer to PropertyGuru Finance Commissions and Rewards.

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