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Learn how you could keep track of your Ad Credits consumption using this report.

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Ad Credits Consumption Report is a detailed record of your every Ad Credits usage on AgentNet.Information you will get from this report includes: 

  • Your remaining number of Ad Credits 

  • Number of Ad Credits you’ve used on a particular activity (e.g. Spotlight; Repost)

  • Number of Ad Credits you've used over a specific period of time

  • Number of Ad Credits you’ve use on a particular listing

How to access the report:

Login to AgentNet and click on 'View History' in the Credits balance section on the dashboard.

Navigating the Ad Credits Consumption Report

Search by “Listing ID or Property Name”

If you wish to review your Ad Credits usage on a specific listing, key in the Listing ID or Property Name into the search bar, press “enter” or click on the search icon:

Filter report by a particular activity or for a specific time period

Click on the dropdown that displays “All” by default, and select the activities you would like to filter the detailed report for.

Click into the time period selection to select a specific start and end date if you wish to narrow down on your report’s period to.

Detailed Report

You will first see an overview of total Ad Credits consumed in totality and also total by activities.

Following that, will be your detailed report of every Ad Credits consumption transaction with these information: Date and time, Listing ID, Property Name, Action and number of Ad Credits. 

Your transaction records are displayed from the most recent to the oldest (up till Jan 2018). 

More information on Ad Credits Consumption Report. 

Can I view my Ad Credits Consumption Report from the beginning of the subscription?

Ad Credits Consumption Report is available from January 2018 to date onwards.

Can I download the Ad Credits Consumption Report?

You are able to view your Ad Credits Consumption Report online. However, as the report isn't downloadable, we are working on having this function available for you soon.

Is the Ad Credits Consumption Report available for both Residential Listing and Commercial Listing?

Yes, the Ad Credits Consumption Report is available for both Residential and Commercial Listing. 

Can I view my Ad Credits Consumption Report via AgentNet app?

You can view your Ad Credits Consumption Reports via AgentNet (web) currently. The AgentNet app will be updated later.

How often does the report get updated?

The Ad Credits Consumption Report is updated real-time. A page refresh will load the latest data. 

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