Loyalty tenure is used as a reference to appreciate and reward agents, who have supported PropertyGuru throughout the years. It refers to “the number of years you have had an active paid subscription continuously with PropertyGuru”.

To calculate your loyalty tenure, we base it on the start date of your first paid subscription with the continuous renewal as a reference. This start date is also known as your “Loyalty Start Date”.

Meanwhile, if you would like to understand more about it, you may refer to these frequently asked questions or contact our  Customer Service at +65 6238 5971.


How is a loyalty tenure calculated?

A loyalty tenure is calculated from your first paid subscription, up to to-date, provided that you have continuously renewed your account.

For example : Agent’s loyalty start date is 01 Dec 2017. Agent has continuously renewed their subscription over the years and the subscription is still active as of to-date 30 November 2019. Their loyalty tenure is 2 years.

What happens if my subscription has expired and I did not renew?

Your loyalty tenure and loyalty start date will reset upon account expiry. This means your loyalty tenure will be calculated from your new subscription start date

For example : Agent’s subscription expires on 30 June 2019 and agent signed up for a new package on 01 Dec 2019 → 30 November 2020: Loyalty start date will be 01 Dec 2019 and loyalty tenure calculation begins again from 30 Nov 2020.

How do I maintain my loyalty tenure and avoid it from resetting?

To maintain your loyalty tenure, you simply have to renew before your renewal window closes. If you want to know when your renewal window closes, call our Customer Service at +65 6238 5971.

For example :

Agent has accumulated loyalty tenure of 2 years and his/her subscription expires on 9 Sep, 2019. Agent’s renewal window will end 30 Sept 2019 (last day of calendar month)

Scenario A : Loyalty tenure is maintained

Agent renews subscription on/before 30 Sept, 2019, his/her loyalty tenure will continue to accumulate from 2 years upwards.

Scenario B : Loyalty tenure is reset

If Agent wants to renew their subscription on 3 Oct, 2019 (after renewal window closes), it will be considered a new sign & his/her loyalty tenure will reset and start from 0 years.

How can I find out about my loyalty tenure?

If you are a renewing agent and would like to find out more about your loyalty discount, feel free to reach out to our Renewal Team at +65 6572 9296.

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Customer Service at the following:

  • Phone: +65 6238 5971 (Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm, closed on PH)

  • Email: custcare@propertyguru.com.sg

  • Live Chat: Click on the red button on the bottom-right of your AgentNet desktop page

For technical assistance, please message us via WhatsApp us at +65 9298 1629

(Mon - Fri 9am - 9pm, closed on PH) and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

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