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How Are My Listings Performing Against Similar Listings?
How Are My Listings Performing Against Similar Listings?
Know how you can ensure that your listings are standing out against competition
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Ever wonder how is your listing is performing against similar listings? Since you are targeting the same property seekers, it’s important that you know how well your listings are doing and what are the necessary steps you should take next.

You can view your Listing Performance Insights by logging in to AgentNet and clicking on 'Listings'.

You would be able to see a light grey box on the right of the active listings. 

How much exposure is my listing getting compared to similar listings?

Refer to the sparkline near the right corner of each listing to understand the trend on the number of times your listing appears to property seekers in their search results and how it performs in comparison to similar listings based on the past 30 days’ impression. 

Should the sparkline appear red, it means that your listing is performing below average compared to the other similar listings. Some common reasons that causes the sparkline to appear red might be because your listing is not be getting enough impressions in turn losing out on views and leads. To resolve this, take necessary steps to improve the exposure of your listing.

However, if the sparkline is green, it means that your listing is doing well compared to other listings.

Here are some tips on how you can boost your listing's impressions: 

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