For every repost you do for your non-Boost HDB listings from 10 Dec (00:00hrs) to 12 Dec (23:59hrs), you will enjoy 50% rebate on the Ad Credits used. Minimum 2 reposts during the promo period is required for the rebate.

Terms and Conditions

  • Applicable to all HDB non-Boost listing reposts that happen between 10 Dec, 2020 00:00hrs – 12 Dec, 2020 23:59hrs
  • To qualify for the rebate, you must have minimum 2 HDB non-Boost listing reposts. The 2 reposts could be on the same listing or different listings.
  • Rebates will be given in the form of Ad Credits when the promo ends. The rebate credits will be issued to you by 18 Dec, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the promo period?

10 Dec, 2020 00:00hrs – 12 Dec, 2020 23:59hrs

Do I have to repost the same listing twice to enjoy the promo, or I could repost 2 different listings to enjoy the promo?

Either way works! However, do ensure that you are reposting non-Boost HDB listings and made at least 2 reposts during the promo period to qualify for the rebate.

We will tabulate the total number of Ad Credits you have used for the non-Boost HDB listing reposts at the end of the promo. And then issue a 50% rebate on the total Ad Credits used by 18 Dec, 2020.

Is it applicable to Condo, Landed and Commercial listings?

Is it applicable to HDB for sale and for rent listings?

This promo is only for non-Boost HDB listing reposts, for sale and for rent.

How can I check the total Ad Credits I have used during this promo?

You can do so using the Ad Credits Consumption report available in AgentNet. Please click on “Reports” in the top navigation bar to view this.

Can I set-up an Auto-Repost schedule for my non-Boost HDB listing during the promo period and enjoy the offer?

Yes, you may do so. However, only reposts that happened between 10 Dec 00:00hrs – 12 Dec 23:59hrs will be accounted for the rebate.

If I would use Auto-Repost for this promo, do I need to repost the listing at the same time?

The timing of the repost does not matter. We will at the total Ad Credits you have used to repost your non-Boost HDB listings at the end of the promo, to calculate the 50% rebate.

If I have done 5 repost activities during the promo period, how would the rebate be calculated?

We will tabulate the total number of Ad Credits you had spent on the 5 reposts and provide a 50% rebate on the total number of Ad Credits you have used. For example:

  • Agent Tom did 3 HDB non-Boost listing reposts and 2 HDB Boost listing reposts between 10 Dec 00:00hrs to 12 Dec 23:59hrs
  • Total no. of repost eligible for rebate: 3 non-Boost listing reposts
  • Total Ad Credits spent on the 3 non-Boost listing reposts: 15 credits
  • 50% Rebate: 15 x 50% = 7.5 Ad Credits = round up to 8 Ad Credits

If the amount of rebate I’m eligible for has a decimal point, for example 7.5 Ad Credits. How would this be issued?

We will round up the figure and provide you with 8 Ad Credits rebate in this instance.

Would the rebate be provided as cash refund or Ad Credits?

It will be Ad Credits.

When would the Ad Credits be issued to me? / Do I get a notification when the rebate is completed?

You will receive the rebate by 18 Dec. Upon the issuance, you will receive a SMS notification from us. All Ad Credits will be valid for 12 months from date of issuance.

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