Updated: 30 October 2020

AgentNet: Removal of multiple advertisement spaces

There are countless ways to optimise your work, and a major one is cutting out distractions!

So, we actioned upon this and removed multiple advertisement spaces on your AgentNet platform.

This means you are empowered with lesser distractions and more focus on optimising your listings and running your business!

Updated: 16 October 2020

  • AgentNet App: Shorter waiting time accessing gallery

Did anyone feel a lag when uploading your media files via the AgentNet app?

Might not be 100% on us though... there are many factors like your Internet connection, phone model and so on. But our tech Gurus did what they could to reduce as much waiting time for you!

So now, you can enjoy a faster process when uploading your media files!

  • AgentNet App: ‘Land Area’ field for Cluster House and Terrace Houses is now optional

Calling all ‘Landed’ folks!

Previously when you listed ‘Cluster House’ or ‘Terraced Houses’, the Land Area field was mandatory. However, we know it’s difficult with landed properties – so now it’s optional!

Tip: Having a rough estimate at the back of your mind is good though. So when a lead calls, there’s at least a ballpark figure for him/her.

  • AgentNet App: Now able to upload photos when lease term is “Unspecified”

Okay, we understand this was a frustrating experience for you.

Previously if you selected ‘Unspecified’ for your listing’s lease term, you might have not been able to upload photos and received a message saying, ‘Unexpected Error’.

It was unexpected for us too!

But great news is we got that fixed and now all’s well. You can go on to Unspecify all your listings’ lease terms, and still be able to upload photos!


That’s all for this update! Look out for more – as part of our Partner360 promise to you, we’re committed to always improving for you.

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