Listing Rank is a piece of additional information located at the Listing Performance bar in the Listing Management to let you know which rank/page your listing is at in the search result when property seekers do a condo search.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Listing Rank?

This is a new feature that is in a testing phase. With Listing Rank, you will be informed of your listing’s position on search results, allowing you to take actions promptly to maximise your listing exposure.

Why do I see this Listing Rank for some of my listings only? Would this be available for HDB and other property types listings?

This is a study phase, so it only involves selected condo projects, for sale and rent listings currently.

How long is this beta phase?

29 Oct - 28 Nov 2020

How is my listing rank calculated?

The ranking is calculated with reference to your condo project search results, with no additional search filters like price, number of bedrooms etc.

For example, your Botanique at Bartley for sale listing is on Page 2 of the search results. This means when property seekers search for Botanique at Bartley, for sale listings, your listing appears on the second page of search results.

However, the ranking does not take into account searches like “Botanique at Bartley” and “3 bedrooms”.

How often would the rank info be updated?

It will be refreshed every 5 mins.

What do these terms mean Top, Rank and Page?

  • Featured Agent - Indicates that this is a Featured Agent prioritised listing and appears on Page 1 of the search results
  • Page - Indicates the page number the listing is appearing in the search results

How are the listings selected for this beta phase?

The listings are randomly selected by the system.

How can I provide feedback for this?

You can share your feedback via this form.

When would this feature be implemented for all listings?

Depending on the outcome of the beta phase, further improvements may be required before its full roll out. Kindly stay tuned to our announcements on AgentNet or follow our Agent News.

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