Without knowing what are the right tools that will help you analyse your ad campaign's performance, it would make it difficult to understand and determine the success rate of your ad campaign. 

To understand if your ad campaign is working just how you want it to, you will need an ad campaign performance report

You are able to do that for your SocialCast ad campaign.

View your SocialCast on Facebook performance report

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can view your ad campaign performance report during or after your campaign ends. 

  1. Log into AgentNet
  2. Under ‘My Listing’, click on ‘View Performance’. You will be able to view your current and past ad campaign's performance report.

Your performance report will look like this: 

You can also view the past campaigns performances for the same listing here:

Definition of terms used

Ad impression: The number of times your ad is displayed to the target audience while they are on Facebook (this does not mean they have clicked on your ad).

Clicks: The total number of times your ad was clicked on by property seekers, leading them to your listing’s detail page on propertyguru.com.sg 

Click-Through-Rate (CTR): The number of clicks that your ad received divided by the number of times your ad is displayed to the target audience while they are on Facebook. 

For the above performance metrics definitions, the higher the number, the better. This would mean that your ad campaign is doing well. 


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