The key difference between a Spotlight listing and the other listings is the look and feel, which aims to drive listing views.

The six awesome features that Spotlight have are:

  • Headline - Highlight property’s unique selling point to capture relevant property seeker’s attention right away
  • Larger Search Results Tile – Create more visibility for your listing with a larger tile than regular listings on search results page
  • Image Carousel – Showcases listing upfront right on search results page
  • Grey Gradient – Outshine competitors’ listings with the grey gradient effect
  • Large Profile Photo – Build your personal brand with the display of your profile photo right next to your listing
  • Direct Contact – Have property seekers enquire straightaway on search results page

Note: Spotlight does not influence the listing’s ranking in search results.

Here are the differences between Spotlight and the other listings:

Be Bold. Be Spotted. Be in the Spotlight now!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Service at

Alternatively, you can start a ‘live’ chat via the red button on the bottom-right of your AgentNet desktop page or call them at +65 6238 5971. (Mondays to Fridays, 9AM to 6PM) 

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