In yesteryears, the trend to promote your brand is to entice your audience (property-seekers) with captivating content. Now, though written material still matters, it wasn’t enough to attract the property seekers.

This is why adding high quality photos become a compelling option. Many prefer this method because, photos are easier to understand and appreciate. They’re straightforward and, at the same time, appealing to look at.

  1.   They have a higher chance of gathering genuine leads
    In this digital era, property seekers want to be equipped with as much information and materials as possible before taking the next step with you. By showcasing the property in a professional manner, you establish yourself as a property agent that aims to serve them - and that’s extremely important to genuine property seekers!

  2. You have already impressed the property seeker (or at least managed his/her              expectations)
       With good quality and attractive photos, you have already won half the battle. Just        by looking at those photos, the property seeker has already determined at the              back of his/her head how much they want to close the deal with you.

 3.  Great photos are better than the best descriptions
       While having a great description is important - seeing is believing, and property            seekers want some photo evidence of what they can expect to see in real life.

Quality Photos Guide

Here’s all you need to know about our Quality Photos Guide: 

What is Quality Photos Guide?

It is an artificial intelligence that helps agents detect photos with quality that can be improved in your listings, within AgentNet.

Why is Quality Photos Guide launched?

We aim to help agents improve the quality of the property photos you upload to yourlistings, which in turn drives better listing performance.  It has been proven that Property Seekers prefer to see good quality photos for they guide them in make a better decision.

What will happen should your photos do not meet the Quality Photos Guide’s  requirement?

Photos that do not meet the Quality Photo Guide’s requirement will be suspended and not be published online.

This applies to newly uploaded photos from 30-Jan-2019 onwards, and applies to all photos in active listings from 25-Mar-2019 onwards.

The property seekers will not see suspended photos when they view your listing in both search results and listing detail page.

What to do when your photos are suspended?

Agents are highly encouraged to review and upload a new photo that meets the requirements of Quality Photos Guide.

What makes quality photos that will be published?

The answer is simple - follow the requirements of our Quality Photo Guide, as well as the cues of our A.I.! This will ensure that photos you upload to your listings will be published. And because they are of quality that meets the expectations of property seekers, your listings are expected to perform better!

Here’s an overview of the requirements of our Quality Photos Guide: 

  1. Ensure photos uploaded are bright and sharp

Tips : 

  • Tidy up the room, and open up the curtain or turn on the lights to fill the room with light
  • Make use of a tripod or steady yourself - Tuck your arms into your sides or lean up against a wall or tree for some extra support
  • Stand at an extreme corner of the room to capture as much of the room in your photo as possible
  • Focus carefully on subject

      2. Do not overlay photos with multiple original pictures with text, logo or photo of           a  person


  • Do not worry - because PropertyGuru will watermark all photos you uploaded with great deal of transparency. This to protect the copyright of your photos.

    3. Don't collage many photos into one photo


  • Upload separate photos individually to showcase them one at a time, this ensures that they can be seen clearly even on mobile phones.

   4. Don’t upload floor plans or map under photos


  • Upload floor plans (should you have) under the ‘Floorplan’ tab instead
  • Leverage on the map that is in your Listing Detail Page by default

Should you feel that our A.I. has made a mistake in its detection, you may request for an appeal. Read ‘How to lodge an appeal for suspended photos?’ to learn more.

To further support our agents, we will also conducting ‘Diagnostic session on PropertyGuru’s 100% Quality Photos Movement’. Please register HERE should you wish to join us for the session.

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