When would Listing Performance Insights take effect?

0000hrs of January 7, 2019.

Where will Listing Performance Insights be launched at?

It is available only on AgentNet Web and AgentNet App. 

What is Listing Performance Insights?

Listing Performance Insights aims to assist you in ensuring continuous exposure of their listings to property seekers on PropertyGuru. 

Listing Performance Insights will allow you to:

  • View your listing's performance
  • Spot your listings' with low visibility through a colored Spark line
  • Benchmark your listings' performance against similar listings
  • Receive tips on how to improve performance of your listings

Why is PG launching Listing Performance Insights?

Listing Performance Insights is part of series of launches on AgentNet, that aims to provide you with actionable insights to maximise the return of your investments. 

By optimising your property pricing, understanding where to source for listings, and tracking how well your property marketing performs on PropertyGuru, you can hit the right spots and make your investments worthwhile.

How does Listing Performance Insights look? 

It will look like that, below your listing overview on AgentNet.

Is Listing Performance Insights applicable to corporate listings?

It is applicable to corporate residential and commercial listings. 

Is Listing Performance Insights applicable to commercial listings?

Yes, Listing Performance Insight applicable to commercial listings and corporate listings

How often are the Listing Performance Insights figures updated? 

It is updated daily, at 8am, showing data compiled as of 12am yesterday.

What is the data period for “Impressions”, “Views”, “Phone Reveals” and “Messages”?

The data compiled for these metrics are accumulated over time, starting from the day your listing is posted on PropertyGuru.

What does “Impressions” mean?

Impressions refers to the number of times the listing appears on property seekers' search results page 

What does “Views” mean?

Views refers to the number of times the listing details page that has been viewed by property seekers.

What does “Phone Reveals” mean?

This refers to number of times property seeker click on your “masked phone number” to reveal your complete phone number.

What does “Messages” mean? 

Messages refers to the number of email notifications you have received via the contact form on Web.

What does the red light next to the “Light Bulb Icon” mean? 

You will be alerted should you receive feedback or recommendation with regards of your performance

How can I find out the total number of SMS I have received for my listing?

This metric is not reported in the Listing Performance Insights yet. Will notify you should this be added.

What is that green and red lines in the graph at the corner of my listing? / What does the “Sparkline” mean? 

Sparkline is a small embedded line graph displayed alongside the other data. It maps the number of impressions your listing receives daily, over the last 30 days. 

When it turns red, it implies that the number of impression is low and listing is may not be getting enough views. You can click on the light bulb icon for recommendations on how to improve your listing performance. 

How are the recommendations (light bulb icon) are made? 

Recommendations are made after considering the performance of your listing views against the other similar listings, and then identifying the possible actions you’ve not taken to enhance your listing views.

What is do you mean by “similar listings”?

Listings with similar property type, listing type and districts are categorised as “similar listings”. 

How do you rate my listings  performance?   

Using your number of views your listing has accumulated, your listing will be rank among similar listings and be given one of these ratings:

  1. Market Leader performance - implies that your listing is one of those which has garnered the most views, when compared to the other similar listings.
  2. Above Average performance - implies that your listing's viewership performance is better than 50% of the other similar listings.
  3. Below Average performance - implies that the performance of your listing's viewership is not as good, in comparison to 50% of other similar listings.

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