Optimus is an algorithm that calculates the number of Ad Credits needed to post, repost, and Boost a listing, giving agents a market rate for the listing.

It takes into consideration consumer demand and listing supply, by property type, location, project and more. 

Sample key metrics used to measure consumer demand and listing supply in the district / estate / project include:

  • Number of visitors 
  • Number of listings and listing activities
  • Average pricing of the property 
  • Leads performance of listings

Depending on the score that is calculated through the algorithm, some listings require lesser Ad Credits to post, report and Boost; while others need more. 

When the amount of Ad Credits to market a listing is low, agents are empowered to market their listings more actively through repost or Boost.

When the amount of Ad Credits to market a listing is high, the number of fake listings will decrease, enabling connection of high intent consumers with best quality listings and the professional agents.

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