As market conditions change, the amount of Ad Credits to post, repost and Boost a listing change as well, delivering maximum value for each listing.

When the market demand is high, like it is for a new launch in a property hotspot, the amount of Ad Credits used to market a listing increases. This potentially reduces competition from poor quality and fake listings, enabling connection of high intent consumers with best quality listings and the professional agents. 

When the volume of market activity is low, the amount of Ad Credits required to post, repost or Boost a listing may decrease, enabling agents to take advantage of a less competitive conditions to market their listings actively.


When did Optimus take effect? 

0000hrs of November 9, 2018.

How is Optimus algorithm formulated?

Optimus takes into consideration consumer demand and listing supply, by property type, location, project and more. 

Sample key metrics used to measure consumer demand and listing supply in the district / estate / project:

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of listings and listing activities
  • Average pricing of the property
  • Performance of listings

Depending on the score that is calculated through the algorithm, some listings require lesser Ad Credits to post, report and Boost; while others need more.

Does Optimus affect commercial listings, New Homes Listings and Overseas Listings?

Optimus is currently applicable only to residential listings on, but it will eventually also apply to commercial listings on Rest assured that you will be inform when that happens.

Does Optimus affect Corporate Account users?
If the Corporate Account subscriber is handling a residential listing, the number of Ad Credits required to post / repost / Boost will be subjected to the algorithm

Can the price to post a listing change if I edit a listing? 

No Ad Credits is deducted when you Resume or Save & Exit a listing after editing its details, unless you choose to Boost or repost the listing through its Summary page.

How will I know what the amount of Ad Credits would be to post / repost / Boost?

In AgentNet, the amount of Ad Credits required to post, repost, Boost a listing will be indicated in the Summary page of your listing, and also next to each of your listings in “Listings” tab, before you activate any of these actions.

Can the amount of Ad Credits to post / repost / Boost a listing change?

Yes, the amount of Ad Credits for a listing may change from time to time, depending on consumer demand and listing supply. You are always shown the amount of Ad Credits required, before you post, repost and Boost a listing.

Is there a cap on the maximum amount of Ad Credits for post / repost / Boost a listing?

There is no known maximum cap on the amount of Ad Credits needed to post, repost and Boost a listing, Optimus will ensure the credit amount fluctuates within a reasonable range.

---- About Boost ----

Will I see the same amount of Ad Credits required to post / repost / Boost a listing, as my colleague?

Yes, all agents will see the same amount of Ad Credits as long as they are posting / reposting / boosting a listing in the same listing type, in the same project / district / estate.

What happens to those Boost listings that I had scheduled before the launch of Optimus?

Ad Credits will be deducted right away once you’ve completed your Boost booking, even if your booking is scheduled to start in a future date. Therefore, any bookings that are scheduled before November 9 will not be affected.

What happens if I Boost a listing for multiple weeks and there is a change to Ad Credits amount for Boost during which? 

Ad Credits are deducted at the time of confirming your booking. Any subsequent changes to the amount of Ad Credits required for Boost will not affect your booking.

---- About Auto-Repost ----

How will Optimus affect my Auto-Repost campaign?

We provide you a projected amount of Ad Credits it’ll take to complete your Auto-Repost campaign before you activate your campaign, based on the setup of your campaign, and the current amount of Ad Credit needed for listing repost. 

Please note that over the lifetime of your Auto-Repost campaign, the amount of Ad Credits required to repost your listing through your Auto-Repost campaign may change due to Optimus, or due to your Boost activities. 

Therefore, the actual amount of Ad Credits deducted for your Auto-Repost campaign may be lower or higher than projected.

What happens to the Auto-Repost schedules that I had set before the launch of Optimus?

All active Auto-Repost campaigns for residential listings will be paused by our system at launch of Optimus. You are recommended to review the Ad Credits quantity needed for your campaigns before resuming them. 

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