One important factor to consider when selling a property is to determine the price. How much the price is worth would be determined by the property owners. Property seekers need to know how much the property is priced at, for them to decide what their next step is. 

In this entire process, property agents play an important role in advising both property owners and seekers on the right price which needs to be backed by credible market/ pricing insights.

Where do I start the research?

1. Look at the prices offered by units of the same built/area 

The recent selling price of similar properties type in the same district with the same size and with similar features, like views, amenities etc. will be an accurate estimation to offer your property owner. 

2. View PropertyGuru's Pricing Insights

Pricing Insights provide you with the last transactions, price trend, capital gain and rental yield of that property at the bottom of the listing details page

3. Market News

Keep yourself updated by the reading up on the latest property trend, news and events happening in the property industry across Singapore on PropertyGuru's market news

4. Market Outlook Report 2018

The PropertyGuru Market Outlook Report 2018 provides you with comprehensive findings of the property market's performance in 2017. This report will include price movements, supply of properties over the past 12 months, as well as emerging trends forecasted in the year 2018.

5. AreaInsider

PropertyGuru AreaInsider shows the status of the area, amenities and future developments of different emerging areas. Which will greatly help in the decision making process 

We hope that these resources are useful for agents like you to leverage on, which will help deliver meaningful insights to property owners and seekers alike. 

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