Put in hyperlinks to direct your MyWeb visitors to other resources in just a click. 

First, decide on a webpage that you want your visitors to go to, here are some examples for your consideration when you are designing your website.

Link your website to:

1. Your property listing page
2. Project detail pages
3. Facebook business page / social media
4. Property blogs
5. Government scheme and related website

Follow these steps to add in a hyperlink:

1. Go to the page you want to link and copy the URL

For example: PropertyGuru News page

2. Go to AgentWeb MyWeb Content 

3.  Highlight the text/picture 

4. Click on the Hyperlink button

5. You will see the "Insert Hyperlink box" where you can copy the URL of you desired destination link

6. Click on Insert/ Update

7. Scroll down to the bottom to save the changes you've made

8. Check that the hyperlink appears on your website

Try clicking on the text/picture to ensure that the hyperlink is not broken.

Make your website user friendly by hyperlinking between different pages and content so that visitors will be able to browse through your website and spend time in knowing you and your listings.

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