Promote your listings to your network in Facebook with just one click! You can do it during listing creation under "Summary" tab.

Alternatively, you can also share your listings on Facebook via your "Active" listing tab. 

1. Select the listing that you want to share and click on the cover photo 

2. On the listing page , click on "Share"

You can also share the listing on Twitter, email or SMS. 

3. Click on the Facebook icon.

You can choose for it appear on your personal Facebook timeline or business page where you can share more information about your listing such as the price, size and unique selling points. 

To maximise traffic to your listing, please ensure that your post is set to "public".

Once you have successfully shared your listing, you can view your post in your personal timeline/ business page. Share your listing on social media platforms and messaging apps on the go just by using your mobile.

Alternatively, if you would like your listing to appear as an advertisement, check out SocialCast

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