Property listings that include multi-media content, like video tours and photos will get more attention from property seekers. This is also because 84% of property seekers want to see quality property listings. 

Here is how you can take great videos to get the most attention for your listing:

In summary:

  1. Use natural light
  2. Take pictures of a clean and tidy home
  3. Adjust the brightness in the photo so that each shot is clear, well focused with the right level of brightness 
  4. Hold your phone straight and steady to ensure that the photo is neat and not lopsided 
  5. Use landscape mode when taking photos as it will be able to capture as many details as possible
  6. Capture multiple angles of the same space. Property seekers look for details we do not know of. By capturing multiple shots, it will be easier for them to better understand your property
  7. Avoid having people in the photo. But if you do take a picture with someone in the frame, ask for their permission before posting the photo
  8.  Focus on the property! Avoid text, photo overlays and collages on property pictures - including your image and phone number details
  9. Showcase one photo at a time

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