1. When you log into AgentNet, you will see a "Create Listing" button. Click on it to create a new listing. 

2.  Fill in the relevant information about the property such as its location, unit details, photos and videos, if any. 

TIP: Property seekers will want to have a detailed information while looking for potential properties. Not only will listings with an in depth description improve your listing quality score, it will increase the chances of property seekers calling you. We recommend that you provide accurate, detailed description for each listing. 

3. After providing the necessary information, make sure that your listing has achieved 100% Listing Quality Score. This score is based on how complete your listing detail is. The higher your Quality Score, the higher the chance of your listing ranking higher on the search results pages.

4. Before your listing gets published, you will be shown the amount of Ad Credits required to post, repost, Boost and Spotlight the listing. The Ad Credits needed is calculated by Optimus and may change over time.

5. Once you are ready to publish your listing, click on "Post Now".

TIP: Refresh your listing date by using repost to get on top of the search results. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Service at custcare@propertyguru.com.sg.

Alternatively, you can start a ‘live’ chat via the red button on the bottom-right of your AgentNet desktop page or call them at +65 6238 5971. (Mondays to Fridays, 9AM to 6PM) 

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